RS-232 Command Set for SVX Family

The full RS-232 command set for the SVX family of controllers (SVX-1920, SVX-1920-SDI, SGX-1920, SGX-1920L) has now been posted to the Digital View website for download, see At this stage it is an initial draft, the commands are all there but future versions of the document will improve formatting and provide additional information.

The commands cover functions for:

  • OSD buttons
  • General settings
  • On-Screen-Display (OSD) related
  • Input signal selection
  • Input signal data
  • Hardware settings & Data
  • Picture in Picture (PiP) functions
  • Image Zoom & Position
  • Color Temperature functions
  • Gamma correction functions
  • Backlight functions
  • On-screen markers
  • DisplayMark integration functions
  • Ethernet input settings
  • Text overlay

These are ideal for creating your own RS-232 application; Programming a device like Crestron, AMX, Bitwise type AV control systems; Creating your own device such as a button board to directly access specific functions.

In a subsequent post we will also be providing the RS-232 commands for the ALR family of controllers as well as the manual for sending commands over Ethernet (the command set is the same). One thing to note is that if the functions are the same we keep the commands common across all models subject to any specific limitations.

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