RS-232 Baud Rates

Digital View LCD controllers all have RS-232 support for a range of control functions (some also have Ethernet connection but that is a separate topic). Until recently the default baud rate for the RS-232 has been 2400 but starting in 2018 all new LCD controller models have been set to a default RS-232 baud rate of 9600. As of today the list of models with this 9600 default includes:

  • SP-4096
  • SVX-4096-VW
  • SVX-4096-SDM
  • SDM-1920-LVDS
  • DD-1920-HDMI-EDPT

As a note, baud rate refers to the communication speed and our reference to 9600 is 9600 bits per second, or bps. All of the Digital View LCD controllers can support other baud rates with custom modification to the firmware, typically the range of possible baud rates is from 2400 to 115000 bps.

For anyone interested in making use of our RS-232 command set the details are provided in the manual available for download on the individual controller web pages, see any model from the LCD controller summary, and we also provide a number of free software utilities that can be found here: RS-232 software. Custom utilities or modifications are available as an engineering service. As mentioned, various LCD controller models have Ethernet support as well, this support can also be added to other models using one of our add-on boards such as shown here: Commands, monitoring & telemetry.

If you have any questions on this topic please contact us.