REACH Compliance – An EU Regulation

Reach symbolDigital View REACH SVHC (138) compliance – most Digital View controllers are or can be supplied to meet this European Union (EU) standard and are readily identified with a -5 suffix on the part number.

The previous -3 suffix on Digital View LCD controllers and other PCBA part numbers indicated RoHS compliance, now the -5 suffix means both RoHS and REACH compliance. Models currently available with this are: ALR-1400 & HE-1400, ALR-1920, DD-1920, HE-1600, SVH-1920v2 & HE-1920v2, SVX-1920v3 & HX-1920v3, SVX-2560 with more being added.

If you have a special requirement for one of our LCD controllers to be REACH compliant please contact us.