Night Vision & LCD Panel Backlighting

In the context of LCD displays we distinguish night vision solutions as:

  • Night readable which relates to dimming, so for example offering brightness levels from less than 1nit to daylight levels such as 1,000nit.
  • NVIS compliant which has both night readable dimming and night safe color control. This goes beyond simply providing colors that are night-safe re users eyes but also ensures there are no light frequencies that might be detected by remote sensing equipment.

Advanced dimming can be enabled for both daylight and at night is to implement backlighting enhancements. This may take the form of a 2nd LED backlight string that the user can switch to and enables very low light levels which both strings together may provide high brightness for daylight viewing.

In the case of an NVIS compliant system the backlight provides both very low light levels for night vision as well as night safe colors. To provide night-safe colors the LEDs used only output color at suitable wavelengths.

As a note, very low brightness may go as low as 0.1nit.

ACI Power ( provides both advanced dimming as as well as NVIS LCD panel enhancement together with suitable backlight drivers. To support the backlight mode switching Digital View can enable a LCD controller menu or hotkey switching option so the user can use the normal monitor controls to switch backlight modes as well as adjusting the backlight brightness  / dimming levels.

night vision image

Update Sep 2020: Digital View new models, SP-1920-Dual-HDMI and SVX-2560-SDI sampling in Q4, 2020, will support two separate backlight rails. This means they can switch both or either backlight rail for elevated brightness of very low brightness with special backlighting.