LCD Panel Interfaces – A Quick Guide

LCD panel interfaces have changed over the years as resolutions have moved from 640×480 to 3840×2160. The following outlines the common ones that we support with our LCD controllers and cable kits. They cover most of the large size and higher resolution LCD panels on the market:

  • LVDS: LVDS was introduced in the late 1990’s and enabled connection for higher resolution panels with the benefit of reducing EMI. The LVDS interface is supported by most Digital View LCD controllers and covers panel resolutions from 640×480 to 3840×2160 though newer formats are replacing it for higher resolutions. It remains very popular for HD type resolutions, ie up to around 1920×1200. Most LCD panel manufacturers have LCD panels supporting LVDS, including AUO, BOE, Innolux, JDI, Kyocera, LG, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Tianma. LVDS is Low Voltage Differential Switching.
  • V-by-One: Increasingly common on 4K resolution panels typically 55″ and larger though I did find a 32″ 1920×1080 panel and 28″ 3840×2160 panel listed as in production. A benefit of V-by-One compared to LVDS is the reduction in cables for high resolution signal support and reduced EMI. LCD panel brands using V-by-One include AUO, BOE, Innolux, LG, Samsung, Sharp. I thought of V-by-One as replacing LVDS but apparently it was developed to replace FPD-Link.
  • eDP: First introduced in 2008 it is widely adopted by LCD panels used in laptops and similar devices. We are also now seeing it being used in higher resolution and brightness LCD panels but still typically smaller sizes, ie 30″ or smaller. Digital View LCD controller models supporting eDP include SVX-4096, SVX-2560, SVH-1920v2 and the new DD-1920-HDMI-EDPT. Brands using it include AUO, BOE, Innolux, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Tianma.
  • TTL: Supported by the ALR-1400v2 and HLR-1400v2 controllers this was the common panel interface when Digital View was founded in 1995. VGA (640×480) to XGA (1024×768) resolutions were mainstream at that time. Still used in commercial and industrial display applications AUO, Innolux, Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sharp, Tianma have LCD panels in production with resolutions such as 640×480, 800×480, 800×600, 1024×768. The name TTL is short for Transistor-Transistor Logic.

And a couple of others that get regular mention in the industry:

  • FPD-Link: The original low voltage differential switching signal but not to be confused with the LVDS interface on many panels as described above. It is now often used in the automotive market and currently up to FPD-Link III. It is not currently supported by any Digital View’s standard controller models though we are looking at it as a custom development option.
  • Mipi: Common for small embedded consumer electronics and not currently supported by any Digital View’s standard controller models.

lcd panel connectorIn addition to the type of connector LCD panels will have a specific pin assignment and timing. Digital View provides solutions to both these with a significant portfolio of cables as well as providing custom cables, and also multi-panel timings built into the LCD controller. Contact us for more information on this.