IP-60v2 Coming In January 2015

The IP-60v2 provides a network interface for Digital View LCD controller boards and is the latest version following the earlier IP-60 and IP-50 models. As a quick overview of features:

  • An interface board to communicate a serial, RS-232, data stream over TCP/IP.
  • This version supports faster Ethernet (up to 100Mb) and includes support for sensors and fans to add monitoring and control to its existing extensive display control capabilities.
  • Browser mode: The embedded web console program (WCP) that allows developers to change command setting from web browser.
  • Direct command mode: The IP-60 V.2 accepts direct RS-232 commands in using a terminal program or any suitably programmed network device.
  • Supports up to 3 temperature sensors, 1 light sensor and up to 4 fans.


  • IP-60 V.2, P/N 416020610-3
  • Initial units available January 2015