Extending Functionality of the SP-4096 Controller

The SP-4096, a new 4K controller for LCD panels we launched in 2017, is being used for a 65″ monitor with the IE-2000 add-on board for the 120Hz 4K panel and the HD-3000S for 3G-SDI input (also provides re-clocked output). Shown below is the connection diagram for this. It demonstrates the extensibility of the SP-4096 controller. In addition the SP-4096 has input source failover, so if the input signal drops the system will play video from a built-in media player; this might be used to display a ‘what to do’ message or other content instead of showing a blank screen.

All Digital View LCD controllers are supported by our Controller Solution Generator (CSG), a useful controller/LCD panel connection diagram lookup on our website found here.

The connection diagram below displays all the components required to drive a 4K 120Hz panel with 3G-SDI input.


Digital View SP-4096 Controller