The new DT-1920-HDMI LCD controller board is an updated version of the DD-1920-HDMI. The size and feature set are similar but the scalar is the same as the recently released ALT-1920.

Digital View DT-1920-HDMI LCD controller board

Here is a brief summary of the specifications, items that are the same as the DD-1920-HDMI are marked with an asterisk *:

  • Supports up to 1920×1200 resolution panels *
  • 3.3V / 5V / 12V panel support *
  • 8 bit controller platform *
  • LVDS (Single & Dual channel) panel support *
  • Backlight control: Analog or PWM *
  • Video input: HDMI 1.3 up to 1920×1200 60Hz resolution *
  • Multi-panel timing selected by dip switch *
  • Supports resolution matched to EDID *
  • Supports audio line out (Stereo) from HDMI *
  • RS-232 serial protocol supported *
  • IR remote control *
  • Light sensor connection: Light sensor kit 7200-3 or light sensor cable P/N 426005800-3 (not kit 70220-3)
  • Temperature sensor connection, sensor cable P/N 426307600-3
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • Dual color LED connector and on board LED reporting controller status *
  • On board LED reporting power input status.
  • Firmware upgrade via external programming board same as ALR-1400v2.
  • 12VDC power input *
  • Board size : 62.7mm x 91.4mm* (Same board size as DD-1920-HDMI).

The Part Number for this model is: 4177000xx-3

This LCD controller board is only just got out of initial development so more details will be posted as soon as they are ready.