Controllers for Intel SDM Compute Cards

As shown at SID and to be shown at Electronica 2018 in Munich 16-19 November, Digital View has two controller boards supporting Intel SDM compute cards:

The SVX-4096-SDM is now available in sample quantities. Given its support for sensors, the Large SDM card and USB this controller is most likely suitable for large digital signage displays and larger corporate displays. Of course it is also suitable for any other 4K SDM applications.

The SDM-1920-SDM (pictured below) went back to engineering for a late pre-production revision to add a build option for sensors and fan control so samples are now scheduled for late Q4, 2018. This controller is smaller than the SVX-4096-SDM model; it supports Full-HD panels and SDM Small compute cards and is very suitable for lower resolution digital signage displays and interactive kiosks.