Color & LCD Panels

Color is an involved topic but in the context of LCD panel selection there are generally two main parameters specified:

  • Color depth: This represents how many colors a panel is technical capable of showing within its color gamut. LCD panels mostly comprise 3 colors R (red), G (green), B (blue) so the number of shades possible for each color indicates the theoretical number of colors. See table.
  • Color gamut:¬†This refers to the range of colors a panel is able to show out of the visible spectrum, it is typically represented on a 3 coordinate color map. Typical color-space references are NTSC, Rec. 601 and Rec.709, the color gamut will be the extent (as a %) to which a panel is able to achieve the color-space reference.
For most industrial applications the color depth is unlikely to be particularly important. For applications where video or images are shown, particularly of things like the sky or skin, a greater color depth should enable a smoother looking image without noticeable steps between color shades. This of course depends on other parts of the display system being up to the same standard.
Color gamut will be considered further in a later blog.

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