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Digital Signage

RS-232 Lives On

8 August 2010

It came as a pleasant surprise recently to see AV professionals commenting in a forum state a preference for commercial monitors with RS-232 over alternative consumer models lacking RS-232. Here at Digital View we have … [more]

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The Creative Element – inspired by digital signage

2 August 2010

Just see how digital signs inspired this troupe to put on a show, it’s brilliant. I like this because I think it reminds us why we enjoy graphics in the first place. Well designed content … [more]

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Countertop Digital Polls

27 July 2010

What do your customers think about your product or service?

Was the restaurant to warm/cold/just right? Should there be more accessories available? Was the waiting time too long? Will you return?

It is not difficult to find out the answers – the VideoFlyer is an incredibly cost effective of polling customers and can combine both information gathering and promotion in a single easy to use package:

1) Using any touch screen VideoFlyer (10″ or 15″ display size) or add a button bar to a standard VideoFlyer (10″, 15″ or 21″).

2) Create appropriate videos or still images and organize using DV Studio.

3) Deploy in-store.

4) Collect data.

5) Analyze and report.

In more detail… … [more]

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Digital Signage

Total Ownership Digital Signage – How Hard Can It Be?

16 July 2010

Trying to set up a simple, good quality digital signage system or menu board in a store or restaurant can seem a little daunting at first. There are many subscription based digital signage systems out … [more]

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