On-Board Temperature Sensors

One of the functions supported by the LAN and RS-232 telemetry and control suite on some of the Digital View LCD controllers is the ability to poll for temperature. The following Digital View LCD controllers have a built-in temperature sensor as well as the ability to connect to external sensors:

The SVX-1920v3 also has provision for a temperature sensor but it is not installed as standard.

Connection via either the LAN port or RS-232 serial connection allows for polling of the controller temperature using standard DV commands. For specific details of the telemetry and control capabilities of each of the controllers as well as the stand-alone IP-60v2 LAN board see the related product details on the Digital View website (each items above is linked to its relevant page).

The Digital View Controller Utility is a quick and easy way of trying out the various functions accessible through the RS-232 and LAN interface.

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