AVD-1000 Replacement

Due to the End of Life (EOL) of a main component on the AVD-1000, a PAL/NTSC composite video to HDMI add-on board, Digital View is announcing its EOL from 1 May 2019 and pre-announcing the replacement.

We are in the development stage of the replacement with the objective of having initial samples at SID’s Display Week in May 2019. The new model is to be called the AVD-2000 and targeted to offer a number of benefits:

  • 4 composite inputs, whereas the AVD-1000 had 2 composite and 2 S-video inputs.
  • De-interlacing so the HDMI/DVI output is a progressive video format therefore making the board suitable as an add-on for SVX, ALR and ALT controller models. The AVD was only compatible with controllers that accepted interlaced video.
  • Fast port switching – more on this later.

Models affected:

  • 4160187xx-3: AVD-1000 composite video to HDMI
  • 4160188xx-3: HVD-1000 harsh environment version
  • KIT 71300-3: AVD add-on board kit
  • KIT 71301-3: HVD add-on board kit

More information will follow, in the meantime if you have any questions please contact us. We do respond to enquiries!

digital view avd-1000