Why you need an LCD Controller

Building A Display System?

LCD controllers format and scale the many types of computer and video signals so as to drive LCD panels within a display system. They can however do considerably more than that, enabling advanced display systems for a wide range of commercial, industrial and defense related applications.

Display input signals are generally grouped into two categories, computer or video. Across these two categories there is a very wide range of variations in signal type, resolutions, signal standards, aspect ratio, signal timing and connector types. On the LCD panel side there are many hundreds of different panel models, the Digital View website based Controller Solution Generator lists over 1,000 LCD panels from 35 manufacturers.

An LCD controller enables this interface.

In addition many applications require specialist image handling, for example in the broadcast industry being able to adjust the image in a variety of ways is critical. Some applications require working under particular environmental conditions or the display system needs to meet certain industry standards.

Digital View LCD controllers make this possible.

A number of key benefits from using Digital View LCD controllers :

Why LCD Controllers are needed
New Panels New LCD panel models from many manufacturers are being introduced all the time – an LCD controller with multi-panel support makes this easier for system builders. Digital View constantly updates it database of new panels and adds to the portfolio of panels supported by a controller.
Time to Market Display system developers are under constant pressure to bring new designs to market quickly. A feature rich and highly adaptable LCD controller enables rapid display system design and prototyping. In addition Digital View provides a high level of consistency between its LCD controller models as well as providing 3D drawings for easy CAD design.
Legacy Systems A significant quantity of legacy CRT based display equipment remains in use, particularly in industrial, medical and military environments; this is constantly requiring replacement with newer but compatible LCD displays. Digital View controllers support a significant range of legacy signals as well as offering custom engineering services.
Analog to Digital The transition from analog to digital continues; LCD controllers can help with this transition providing an interface for both.
Advanced Features Application specific features, examples include: A movable and size adjustable picture in picture window with variable transparency; The ability to switch an image to night safe colors; Black and white level adjustments; Professional quality displays calibration; Ethernet and RS-232 remote control; Ability to make common adjustments over a range of displays simultaneously; and many more.

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