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Software at Digital View

Digital View provides free software utilities for our Display Electronics LCD controller products. We can also offer customized versions to meet OEM display developer requirements.

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Digital View Software Utilities

Currently available:

- RS-232 command set for SVX family, Download (PDF)

- Controller Utility application (Windows) for SVX family and the ALR-1920, See below.

- EDID editor for ALR-1920, currently in beta, contact us for details.

- Panel calibration utility for setting up multiple panels in a video wall, contact us for details.


Controller Utility:

An easy to use Windows based application to adjust the color settings for each input signal and rename the input ports on SVX/SGX family of Digital View LCD controllers:


- Controller Utility Software v1.25 for Windows (ZIP) updated March 2017: Download the app for questions please contact us

- Controller Utility Manual v1.04 (PDF) updated Sep 2015: Download the manual note: see respective controller manuals for RS-232 commands supported.


Controller Utility


More software utilities to provide display related functions over RS-232 and Ethernet coming soon.

Solutions For OEM Display Developers

To support our LCD controller customers Digital View offers custom engineering services for its software utilities, this may be as straightforward as OEM branding or complete custom design of the user interface and functions available.