LCD Controller Features - General

Multi-Panel Support

Our controllers are preloaded with a wide range of panel timings for major manufacturers to enable off the shelf connection. Applies to: All products

RS-232 Control

Digital View's standard RS-232 protocols enable all controller OSD functions to be controlled remotely. Applies to: All models

Start-up Screen & OSD

A customisation service offering customer's own logo on the Start-up screen and OSD menu. Applies to: SVH-1920/HE-1920, SP-1600/HE-1600, ALR-1400/HE-1400, DVS-1600 & AVP-1280

Flip & Rotate

Enables the image and OSD of the display to be horizontal flip, vertical flip or 180 degrees rotation. Applies to: SVH-1920

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Ability to show multiple video sources on a single display at the same time, at a range of different sizes. Applies to: SVH-1920

Multiple Inputs

Many controllers provide internal and external headers for the range of signal inputs providing significant system flexibility.

Firmware Upgrade Capability

This feature enables customers to upload a new firmware version directly from a PC through RS-232. Applies to: All models

Text Overlay

Custom text overlays can be designed and linked with external functions either linked with normal OSD or through RS-232 Applies to: SVH-1920

Gamma Correction

Ability to map the on screen colours through the complete spectrum, ensuring colour match between panels, and enabling adherence to colour critical standards (such as Marine Radar). Applies to: SVH-1920

Environmental Coatings

To meet the needs of certain market applications Digital View offer a conformal coating service. Suitable for: Standard on HE Products, available on all others

Standard Sizes

To minimise mechanical engineering effort Digital View seeks to maintain standardisation of board sizes and connector positions. A summary of this can be seen on the feature comparison table

High MTBF ratings

All controllers have proven highly reliable in a wide range of applications. The MTBF is consistently high with every model rated for well over 100,000 hours.

Image Scaling

High quality image scaling enables lower resolution images to be scaled up to fill the screen area of high resolution panels and high resolution images to be scaled down. Note: ALR-1400 & DVS-1600 offer upscaling only. All other models provide both

DVI Extender

A complete DVI signal and repeater solution for extended DVI signal distribution to 1280x768 resolution Suitable for: All products