LCD Controller Features Explained

This page contains a glossary of the connectors used on Digital View's range of LCD controller products

Auxiliary Output

DC external power output allows for the powering of the unit from a DC power cable

Ambient Light

Ambient light detectors (optional) allow the display system to automatically adjust display brightness or other settings depending on external lighting conditions.

External Power

Allows the panel to be powered directly from the LCD Controller.

Infrared Sensor

The optional infrared sensor allows for the inclusion of remote control to your display application

LVDS Connector

Industry standard LCD panel signal connection type for high resolution displays, LVDS uses differential signalling.

Panel Power & Signal

Panel power and signal connection

Panel Control

Control signal for driving the display.

TTL Connector

The predecessor to LVDS for LCD panel connection, largely phased out as faster higher resolution panels become common.

TMDS Connector

TMDS panel connection.


Optional LED shows the status of the unit.


All Digital View's LCD Controllers use our standard RS-232 protocols to hive full control of all OSD functions remotely.

Power Input

Connection for the LCD display to recieve power directly from the LCD controller.

Auxiliary Output

Auxiliary power output connection.


The inverter connections allow the LCD Controller to power the LCD backlight directly.


Optional audio connections for adding sound capabilities to the display application

Backlight Status

Backlight status input.

Function Controls

Connection for On Screen Display (OSD) button controls

Network Control

RJ45 Ethernet connection for command, control & monitoring.

Analog RGB

Analog RGB video input.

Analog VGA

Analog VGA video input.

Auxiliary Video

Auxiliary video input for external video sources.

HD/SD Video Input

HD/SD Video input

HDMI Input

HDMI Input connection

Composite Input

Composite video input connection

Component Input

Component video input connection

DVI-D Input

DVI-D video input connection

DVI-I Input

DVI-I video input connection

Alternate Input

Alternate input connection

S-Video Input

S-video input connection

HDMI Audio Output

Hdmi audio output

HDMI Output

HDMI pass-through output

DVI-D Output

DVI-D pass-through output

SPDIF Audio Output

SPDIF audio output


SMPTE compliant 3G-SDI connection