Alfacam monitor with SVH-1920 LCD ControllerJune 2010, Digital View has made an appearance at the world cup through Alfacam, the Belgium based broadcaster. With five OB trucks fitted with broadcast systems managing the world cup content, Alfacam selected Digital View's SVH-1920 LCD Controller to drive its display panels. With the optional accessory, the HD-2000, Alfacam added the functionality to convert HD-SDI signals giving them the ability to mix an asortment of signals and view broadcast quality video through their own custom built displays.


Digital View provides a range of LCD Controller boards and accessories for the broadcast industry. Leading the way are the SVX-1920 and the SVH-1920 that supply a host of features to drive large resolution displays and HD content up to 10-bit(SVX-1920). A whole display toolkit is also provided (different set for each card) to enable further image controls and PIP, designed to give professionals full control over their content with 100% reliable image quality.

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