Add On Functionality For Museum Exhibits & Pop Merchandising

Morgan Hill, CA, September 30th 2009 -- Digital View, the AV and digital signage hardware manufacturer, has added a plug-and-play, interactive, anti-theft exhibit cradle to its range of ViewStream™ solid state media player accessories. (demo video)

The Anti-Theft Cradle offers an effective mechanism for demonstrating high value items in open display. The items are attached to a flexible recoiling security lead using high-power magnets - which can only be broken by applying extreme force. The combination of display item and securing mechanism then rests neatly into a holster cradle.

The cradle is programmed so that when the display item is picked up or viewed, it outputs an interactive command that changes the content on a Digital View ViewStream™ or VideoFlyer™ digital media system.

If the coil is cut or the magnet broken - then a high volume alarm sounds.

Digital View ViewStream™ media players are employed widely in digital merchandising, POP and museums - where video content and rich media is used to bring exhibits and products alive.

The ViewStream™ range is made up of specialized digital media players, which offer 'bullet-proof' reliability and up to 1080P HD digital play out from a solid state, fan-less, linux core. They deliver crystal clear video playback, offer full touch screen interactivity, bar code compatibility and a complete RS-232 device control interface. Content can be scheduled and updated either via USB or ethernet / internet connectivity.

The Anti-Theft Cradle is compatible with all Digital View ViewStream™ media players. It has battery back-up power and a powered recoil to enable exhibits (such as mobile phones or cameras) to be powered on for demonstration.

The interactive control board plugs directly into the ViewStream™ player and can support either 4 or 8 different exhibit cradles at the same time - allowing a whole range of examples to be display simultaneously.

About Digital View Group:
With more than 100,000 ViewStream™ players sold, Digital View's products are in use widely across the digital signage, retail media and museum market. They support a host of features specifically targeted at point-of-purchase (POP) messaging, product demonstration, digital merchandising, customer information kiosks, digital docents and digital out-of-home advertising applications.

The company has supplied brands including Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, L'Oreal, TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss, Unilever, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Hasbro and Bosch.

For More Information:

USA : Dusty Perryman (408) 782 7773

Europe : Ian Larkman: +44 (0)207 631 2150

Asia : Michelle Fung: +852 2861 3615

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