Digital View announced today the release of the DD-1920-Dual-DVI LCD controller board for display systems. This compact model provides two DVI inputs with OSD or RS-232 serial selection control to drive LVDS panels up to 1920x1200 resolution.

This addition to the Digital View product range is intended for higher volume commercial and industrial applications where the advanced image control functions of models such as the SVX-1920 type controllers are not required. The very compact design measuring just 4.2 inches x 2.9 inches features two DVI-D connectors and a 12V DC power input header.

The DD-1920-Dual-DVI controller board also provides for two build options, LED drivers for LED backlit LCD panels and an audio amplifier with volume control via OSD or RS-232 serial commands.

As with all standard Digital View LCD controller models the DD-1920-Dual-DVI comes with multi-panel support and the availability of custom engineering services direct from Digital View.

Full details are available from: http://www.digitalview.com/products/dd-1920-dual-dvi-lcd-controller.

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