Digital View has announced the release of an 4K LCD controller board, the SVX-3840, for video display developers and manufacturers. Ideally suited to the digital signage market for shopping mall and retail displays where an Ultra-HD 4K monitor, or as some may call it a 4K TV, will provide a stunning image from both near and far. 

The main components of a video display are an LCD panel, LCD controller board, backlight driver board, power supply and enclosure. The LCD controller is the main interface for Ultra-HD (UHD) 4K input signals such as HDMI or DisplayPort as well as display functions such as brightness and contrast however in a professional display system the functions go far beyond that. For example Ethernet control of functions as well as remote monitoring of settings and conditions such as temperature or fan speed - important for displays that may be required to operate 24/7 to carry paid advertising.

There are many other commercial applications for which a 4K display is a significant advantage. For example the additional detail in a high resolution display benefits medical imaging and mapping, and in addition there are applications that bring the user close to a large display, for example large touch screens and touch tables.

The SVX-3840 supports 4K LCD panels of 3840x2160 pixel resolution with a V-by-One interface with 8 or 16 ‘lanes’ for 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate. This includes 4K panels from LG, Sharp, Samsung, AUO and Innolux with more being added. On the input side the SVX-3840 input support includes HDMI and DisplayPort for 4k input at 30Hz as well as Dual-link DVI, ARGB (VGA) and Component inputs for lower input resolutions.

“4K is a very welcome next step in display development, the improvements in image quality are impressive. Although 4K media is still not commonplace that is changing rapidly and in any case it makes sense to get the display infrastructure in place first” says James Henry, Digital View CEO.

Availability - deliveries will start at the beginning of January 2015.

About Digital View

Since 1995 Digital View has established itself as a market leader for LCD controller boards used in commercial and industrial displays. These highly reliable electronics enable displays for applications such as digital signage, medical, transport, defense and industrial systems. Digital View is based in the USA, UK and Hong Kong.

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