Interface Solutions For Medical Display Systems

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High Quality Imaging

Increased use of digital imaging in the medical industry is creating ongoing opportunities for display system integrators.  Digital View offers the widest LCD panel support in the market for high resolution LCDs - our scaling engines and color reproduction regularly win side-by-side comparison tests in specialist customer equipment. Digital View provide a range of professional LCD controllers that bring advanced imaging capabilities to medical display systems designers and developers. Developer kits are available, please contact your local office.

  • Premium Image Performance
  • Full Color & Gamma Control
  • Multiple Picture Windows
  • 3G & HD-SDI inputs
  • 120Hz Support


Medical Equipment for Digital ImagingMedical Equipment for Digital Imaging

Products for the medical industry

LCD Controllers and Video display equipment products for medical display professionals. Leverage our expertise in display technology to create compelling medical display products. See how our products can speed your development times and give you complete control over a wide range of features from, crystal clear HD quality to Picture-in-Picture.


Advanced LCD Controllers


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