Digital View Partners

Digital View works with many 3rd party organisations to complement our product sets. Digital is pleased to recommend a core of trusted partners who 'top-and-tail' our solutions.


- LCD panel manufacturers

- Backlight inverter & LED driver manufacturers

- Display calibration solutions

LCD Panel Manufacturers 

Digital View works with all the major LCD manufacturers - for details of connection solutions see the Controller Solution Generator here.

Backlight Inverter & LED Driver Manufacturers

For details of our inverter & LED driver partners please see here.

Inverter Partners

Display Calibration Solutions

Calibration products & services for industry sector compliance.

SpectraCal provide industry leading display calibration solutions to complement Digital View controllers. Their products and services include software, workflow solutions and training for professional market requirements such as broadcast and medical.  


Touch Screens

For interactivity at all screen sizes.

The 3M DST type touch technology is robust and ideal for public display systems.  

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Av Systems

Integrator products

Custom Development