LCD Controllers For Digital Signage Displays

Controller Solutions For Full-HD & 4K Display Signage Displays

Digital View LCD controllers and accessories with features that meet the needs of indoor and outdoor digital signage displays:


•   SVX-4096 & SVX-4096-120
•   SP-1920 (coming soon)
•   SP-4096 (due Q2, 2017)

SVX-4096 & SVX-4096-120

Both these LCD controllers support 4K resolution panels (3840x210 & 4096x2160) as well as providing an interface to temperature sensors, fans and ambient light detection. The main difference between the two models is that the SVX-4096 supports 60Hz LCD panels whereas the SVX-4096-120 supports 120Hz panels.



The SP-1920 support Full-HD (1920x1200) LCD panels and features a built-in media player with USB interface. The benefit for digital signage displays is that this media player provides fail-over protection for external media players - should the main media player fail the built-in media player takes over maintaining content on the display. In addition the functions of a fan, temperature sensor and ambient light interface can be added with the Digital View IP-60v2. Samples of the SP-1920 are due from February 2017.



Scheduled for Q2, 2017 we will be launching this model at SID Display Week Expo in Los Angeles, May 23-25, 2017.


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Recommended Controllers:
- SVX-4096
- SVX-4096-120
- SP-1920


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