M3-310 Product Features

Integrated LCD Controller & Media Player

Built with solidstate technology the M3-310 is a board level digital video/audio player with an interface that integrates with an LCD panel to drive the LCD directly.

Easy Media Updates

The M3-310 uses a compact flash memory card allowing for easy update of media to the card via USB storage, making it simple for users to quickly update their media.

Wide Range of Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories available for the M3-310 that allow for easy customization and expansion of the device to include other features such as motion sensors and touch screen. This makes it easy to achieve your specific application goals.

Custom Development

With a highly professional and dedicated team of engineers, you can easily get custom features built to add on to your M3-310, giving you the freedom to imagine almost any application. Simply contact your nearest Digital View office and speak with an expert, or send an email and someone will get back to you promptly.

Wide range of media support

The M3-310 will support MPEG - 1 video, MPEG - 2 video, MPEG - 4 video, JPEG (still image) and Digital Audio 44.1kHz stereo, 224kbit/s

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M3-310 Product Features

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