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With more than 10 years of experience working across the defense sector - Digital View understands the critical importance of high quality, reliable display system performance.  From  component selection to product testing and long term supply guarantees,  Digital View offers a range of solid, robust LCD interface controller solutions designed for the harsh environment of the many defense related display applications. Digital View’s range of harsh environment LCD controllers have enabled many display design projects that will be subjected to extreme conditions. With attention to performance and durability our reputation for solid, robust products is well founded.

  • Wide Temperature Range (-40 to +80)
  • Legacy System Support
  • Multiple Picture Windows
  • High Resolution Panel Support
  • On Screen Image Overlays
  • 3 year warranty


Military Vehicles using LCD DisplaysCritical CommunicationsEmergency Services and Digital Displays

Enabling Display Systems For Harsh Environments

LCD Controllers for harsh environments with multi-panel timing support, options for additional features, monitoring, RS-232 and long-production life-cycles.

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Recommended Controllers:
- HX-1920
- HE-1400

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