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Digital View  offers a choice of LCD controller boards with features specifically designed for display systems for the broadcast & pro-video market. With premium image quality, multiple digital and analog inputs, support for 3G-SDI, full gamma control, image orientation options, multiple picture windows, on-screen markers and the ability to calibrate using SpectraCal's CalMAN software - Digital View LCD controllers enable monitors that meet the pro-video market.


Multi-panel timing support means that a single controller model is able to support different LCD panel models without reprogramming. Reliable, consistent performance with a long product life cycle and features to support your broadcast applications, Digital View have the experience and products to suit. Our professional class of LCD controller boards also provide RS-232 and many options for expanding the functionality of the system.

  • Premium Image Performance
  • Full Color & Gamma Control
  • Multiple Picture Windows
  • 3G & HD-SDI inputs
  • On-Screen Markers
  • 3 year warranty

Application Examples:

Broadcast StudioOutdoor Broadcast Digital Media Solutions


Broadcast System Designers

LCD Controllers designed to give broadcast professionals the ability to deliver top quality display products fast, to high specification.

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