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ALR-1920 webpage video clip

April 11th, 2014 No comments
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The video below (click on the play icon) is the sequence at the end of the ALR-1920 big bang video (which can be seen in full on the Vimeo portfolio as linked below)…

[quicktime width=”640″ height=”340″][/quicktime]

You can see a collection of videos on

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DDC/Ci Support

December 3rd, 2013 No comments
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The Digital View ALR-1920 family of LCD controllers support a subset of DDC/Ci commands to enable a computer to send commands to the monitor through the video port (VGA, DVI, HDMI). The specific Digital View controllers supporting DDC/Ci include:

  • ALR-1920 : A low latency controller supporting panels & signals up to 1920×1200 resolution.
  • ALR-1920-SDI : Adds SDI connection up to 3G-SDI.
  • ALR-1920-120 : Adds 120Hz panel support.
  • DD-1920: Designed for higher volume display applications.

Functions supported include:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • RGB color
  • Input source
  • Power states:
    • On = Always on, displays “No sync” if no input signal.
    • Standby = Power off to the panel and backlight.
    • Sleep = “No sync” message displayed for 10 seconds then backlight off.

If you have any questions regarding this function or any of our controllers please contact us.

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Video Signal Latency

October 2nd, 2013 No comments
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In talking with one of our business partners this morning I was reminded of the issue of video signal latency and our solutions for the problem. Video latency is where there is a delay between the source of a video or image and the image on the display. Some of the ways this issue can be seen as a problem include:

  • Lip sync, in this case you hear the audio before the person appears to say the words. This can affect video-conferencing systems as well as other digital media transmission systems.
  • ‘Cursor delay’, you move the cursor or click a button and the image lags behind the action. This is likely to be an issue when the system is operating over a digital distribution system.

The solution: Amongst our extensive range of LCD controllers (the electronics that puts the image on a flat panel display in a monitor) we have various models that are low latency, of these the most popular is currently the ALR-1920 that offers HDMI and DisplayPort digital inputs.


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LCD Controller Recommendations – Digital Signage

April 3rd, 2012 No comments
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If you are planning a digital signage display system the following LCD controllers are a great place to begin:

  • SVX-1920, the most popular choice as it offers a significant number of functions and control options together with support for DisplayMark display and system monitoring as well as support for 120Hz panels when used with the IE-1000 add-on board.
  • ALR-1920, when straightforward full-screen video is required and cost is a key factor the ALR-1920 is a great choice. It is compact and easy to work with and gives excellent results.
  • SGX-1920, this is the very top of the range providing all the features of the SVA-1920 plus a considerable number of input signal options as well dual digital input and powerful Picture in Picture capabilities.

For details of all Digital View controllers see, this also provides details of complementary accessories.