LCD Controller Update

December 6th, 2014 Comments off
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Digital View’s new LCD controller models include the models noted below with more details being posted to the main website Controller Summary. They are all seeing limited availability over the coming weeks with mass production in early Q1, 2014.

SVX Family – advanced models

  • SVX-3840: Designed for 4K panels (3840×2160) 8/16 lanes V-by-One, 60/120Hz. Supporting HDMI, DisplayPort for 4K input.
  • SVX-2560: Supporting panels up to 2560×1600 the SVX-1920 also supports panels of 1920×1920 resolution.
  • SVX-1920v3: Replacing the SVX-1920 (originally released in April 2009)
  • HX-1920v3: Replacing the HX-1920.

DD Family – volume display solutions

  • DD-1920-DP: A new model providing DisplayPort input support for 1920×1080 panels.
  • DD-1920-VGA: A new model providing VGA input support for 1920×1080 panels.

Accessories – adding value to LCD controller models

  • AVD-1000: An add-on board for Digital View LCD controllers providing Composite and S-Video analog video input.
  • IP-60v2: An Ethernet input for control and monitoring of displays. Monitoring features ideal for digital signage displays.

svx-3840 lcd controller svx-2560 lcd controller svx-1920v3 lcd controller

hx-1920v3 lcd controller dd-1920-vga lcd controller dd-1920-dp lcd controller

These are all exciting additions to the Digital View LCD controller product line-up and we will take a closer look at each of these in the coming weeks. Also coming up in 2015 are a few new models extending the product range to cover additional input signal formats and panel connectivity.

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Controller Solution Generator LCD Panel Update: Oct-Nov 2014

November 27th, 2014 Comments off
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The Digital View Controller Solution Generator (CSG) provides a convenient look-up mechanism for matching LCD panels with appropriate LCD controllers and downloading a Connection Diagram. Here is a listing of the LCD panels and Connection Diagrams posted to the CSG in October and so far in November 2014.

Record Type Banel Brand Panel model Controller
Connection Diagram AUO G084SN05_V9 ALR-1400
Connection Diagram AUO P550HVN06.0 SGX-1920
Panel record AUO P550HVN06.0
Connection Diagram AUO P550HVN04.0 SGX-1920
Panel record AUO P320HVN02.0
Connection Diagram AUO P320HVN02.0 HX-1920
Connection Diagram Innolux G104V1-T03 ALR-1400
Panel record Innolux G104V1-T03
Connection Diagram Innolux G154IJE-L02 ALR-1400
Connection Diagram Innolux G154IJE-L02 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram Innolux G170J1-LE1 ALR-1920-SDI
Panel record Innolux G170J1-LE1
Connection Diagram LG LM240WU9-SLA1 SVX-1920
Connection Diagram LG LM240WU9-SLA1 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram LG LP156WF4-SLB5 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram LG LP156WF4-SLB5 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram LG LD470EUP-SEA2 SVX-1920v2
Connection Diagram LG LD470DUN-TFA1 SVX-1920v2
Connection Diagram LG LM201U05-SLL1 ALR-1920
Panel record Mitsubishi AA150PD11
Connection Diagram Mitsubishi AA150PD11 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram Mitsubishi AA150XS11 HE-1400
Connection Diagram Mitsubishi AA170EC01 HE-1400
Panel record Mitsubishi AA170EC01
Connection Diagram Mitsubishi AA190EA01 HE-1400
Connection Diagram NLT NL160120AC27-32 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram NLT NL160120AC27-32 SVX-1920v2
Panel record NLT NL160120AC27-32
Connection Diagram NLT NL160120AC27-32 SVH-1920
Connection Diagram NLT NL6448BC33-59 ALR-1400
Connection Diagram NLT NLB150XG01L-01 ALR-1920
Panel record NLT NLB150XG01L-01
Connection Diagram Samsung LTM215HT04 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram Sharp LQ104V1DG62 ALR-1400
Connection Diagram Sharp LQ104V1DG81 ALR-1400
Connection Diagram Sharp LQ121S1LG88 ALR-1920
Connection Diagram Sharp LQ156M1LG21 HX-1920

If you have a LCD panel specification you would like to see added to the CSG please contact our local sales or support.

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IP-60v2 Coming In January 2015

November 21st, 2014 Comments off
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The IP-60v2 provides a network interface for Digital View LCD controller boards and is the latest version following the earlier IP-60 and IP-50 models. As a quick overview of features:

  • An interface board to communicate a serial, RS-232, data stream over TCP/IP.
  • This version supports faster Ethernet (up to 100Mb) and includes support for sensors and fans to add monitoring and control to its existing extensive display control capabilities.
  • Browser mode: The embedded web console program (WCP) that allows developers to change command setting from web browser.
  • Direct command mode: The IP-60 V.2 accepts direct RS-232 commands in using a terminal program or any suitably programmed network device.
  • Supports up to 3 temperature sensors, 1 light sensor and up to 4 fans.


  • IP-60 V.2, P/N 416020610-3
  • Initial units available January 2015


AVD-1000: Analog Video To Digital Video Adaptor For LCD Controllers

October 18th, 2014 Comments off
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Scheduled for sample release in November the new AVD-1000 is an analog video adaptor for Digital View LCD controllers such as the new SVX-1920v3 and SVX-2560.

The AVD-1000 features two Composite video and two S-video inputs but can be custom assembled with four Composite inputs. There is also an HDMI output, type A connector, enabling stand-alone use. When used with a Digital View LCD controller the OSDM menu and Ethernet/RS-232 command set will provide input selection and any other related functions.

Digital View AVD-1000 analog video adaptor


Details of the AVD-1000 will be included in the Digital View LCD Controller Accessories page when the product is available.

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Digital View at Electronica 2014 – November 11-14

October 9th, 2014 Comments off
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Booth A3.139/2: Digital View will be exhibiting their new LCD controllers and other display system enabling technologies at Electronica 2014 in Munich from 11 to 14 November.

On show will be new controllers:

  • SVX-3840 providing 4K connection for 60Hz and 120Hz panels.
  • SVX-2560 providing 2560×1600 panel resolution support as well as a number of advanced features.
  • SVX-1920v3 as the next generation of the SVX-1920 family.
  • HX-1920v3 for video display systems and monitors in harsh environments.

New add-on boards and enhanced functionality for Ethernet network connection, auto ambient backlight brightness control as well as video signal support improvements.

See you there.

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New DD-1920 LCD Controller…

September 26th, 2014 No comments
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Rounding out the family of DD-1920 LCD controllers designed for higher volume display applications the new DD-1920-VGA provides a very compact VGA only input solution for LCD panels up to 1920×1200 resolution.

With samples due by the end of October 2014 the DD-1920-VGA will complement the DD-1920, DD-1920-Dual-DVI and DD-1920-HDMI models.


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Counterfeit LCD Panels

September 14th, 2014 No comments
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We recently encountered the situation of counterfeit LCD panels. Of unknown manufacturing origin these panels were styled and labeled to copy a well known manufacturer. I am told that there was nothing to indicate these were fakes, the labeling was a perfect copy, until they were connected and switched on – not only was the timing off from specification but flaws in the actual display became quickly apparent.  No doubt the characteristics of such counterfeit panels will vary so it is not worth being too specific.

The bottom line message from this is that counterfeit panels exist so it is important to be able to trust the source, much the same as with electronic components.

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New Analog Video Input Board: AVD-1000

August 15th, 2014 No comments
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AVD-1000: This is a new analog video input accessory board developed for compatibility with Digital View’s new generation controllers, e.g. SVX-1920v2, SVX-1920v3 and SVX-2560. The adaptor board provides inputs for composite video and S-Video and then output directly to Digital View controllers using TTL or HDMI headers.

Working samples should be available by late October 2014.

AVD-1000 connector layout

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New LCD Controller Models & Website Update

August 12th, 2014 No comments
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The LCD Controller Summary at has been updated to show:

  • New models:
    • SVX-3840 for 4K panels (3840 x 2160)
    • SVX-2560 for 2560×1600 panels
    • SVX-1920v2 to replace the SVX-1920 and SGX-1920
    • HX-1920 that will replace the HG-1920 and HX-1920
  • Add the operating temperature ranges to the Harsh Environment models, typically -40oC to 80oC.
  • Move various models to a new category lower down the page “Reserved for existing projects’.

For more information about the changes please contact us.

LCD Controller Summary Page 2014-08-13

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New Controllers at SID – Display Week 2014

June 16th, 2014 No comments
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Digital View has been exhibiting at the SID – Display Week for nearly 20 years. This year we demonstrated a couple of new controller boards:

  • SVX-2560 driving an LG 55″ Full-HD 120Hz OLED panel. The SVX-2560 was designed to drive LCD panels up to 2560×1600 but it works excellently with large OLED panels as well. Preliminary samples of this controller will be available soon.
  • SVX-3840 driving an Innolux 28″ 4K LCD display. Shown below is a photo of the board showing both LVDS and VbyOne panel connectors.


Also on display were the current LCD controller products featuring models from the SVX and ALR product families as well as a selection of accessories.

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Revision Notes For LCD Controllers

June 1st, 2014 No comments
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We have started posting LCD controller revision notes to the relevant web pages covering both hardware and firmware changes. So far this has been done for the SVX-1920, ALR-1920 and ALR-1400 but will roll-out for all models.

Update 16 June 2014: Revision notes have now been posted for all current models including SVX family, ALR-family, DVS-1600, SP-1600.

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LCD Controller ALR-1400 Update

May 20th, 2014 No comments
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The ALR-1400 is one of our workhorse LCD controller models, compact, cost effective, easy to use and extremely reliable. Currently scheduled for the middle of June 2014 is a firmware update that will add the following:

  • Support for CVT (coordinated video timing), 4 video modes: 1440×900, 1366×768, 1280×800 and 800×480.
  • Support for PWM backlight dimming control via RS-232 commands and OSD menu control.
  • The DDC for ARGB and DVI will also be upgraded to the latest versions.

Here is the link to the product page:


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Daniel Sierra video on Digital View displays

May 8th, 2014 No comments
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Here is a brief video showing ‘Oscillate’ by Daniel Sierra on a number of different Digital View displays in our Morgan Hill, California showroom. Looks great…

Part of Digital View’s Artist of the Month Exhibition. | |

ABOUT: Daniel Sierra describes himself as a digital artist looking to create immersive digital environments and experiences through the combination of sound, music and visuals. For his MFA Computer Art Thesis at School of Visual Arts in NYC, Sierra explored the waveform patterns that evolve from the fundamental sine wave to more complex patterns.

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Autobrite – auto brightness adjustment: NEW

April 25th, 2014 No comments
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Today we have been testing a very new version of our Autobrite auto brightness adjustment electronics. This will be the third major revision to this product and introduces a number of advances over the current version (

  • Integration of the IR remote control sensor;
  • User adjustment through the OSD (subject to the appropriate firmware being loaded) for High, Medium and Low backlight and brightness (black/white level) settings;
  • Installer setup of sensitivity.

This accessory, complementing Digital View LCD controllers, will be available later in Q2, 2014.

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Multi-touch Video-wall – now available

April 16th, 2014 No comments
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As mentioned in earlier news we are introducing multi-touch video-walls – this is now on show in our Silicon Valley showroom in Morgan Hill.

DigitalView multitouch video-wall

The displays are protected with bonded AR coated glass using high temperature silicon. The touch wall size can be up to 7ft high and any width and is resistant to ambient light interference.

Visitors are welcome – 18440 Technology Drive, Morgan Hill, California 95128.  Tel: 408-782 7773


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