SVX-4096 LCD Controller for 4K LCD Panels – update

February 19th, 2016 Comments off
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The SVX-4096 LCD controller for 4K LCD panels which was first mentioned in this blog back in January 2016 is now nearly availability with samples scheduled for the end of February 2016.

Here are a list the key features

  • 3 common LCD panel interfaces: V-by-1, eDP and LVDS.
  • Multi-panel signal timing (set by dip switch).
  • Support 4k2k@60Hz input sources simultaneously through DisplayPort (1.2) and HDMI 2.0.
  • LAN connection for commands and control via Ethernet.
  • RS-232 commands: 44 commands enabled.
  • Onboard LED backlight driver for panels of size lower than 30”.
  • Onboard temperature sensor and external sensors monitoring, e.g. light sensor, Fan, power voltage, etc.
  • Audio line-out to external audio amplifier.
  • Support DV IR remote control handset.

To obtain samples contact a reseller (click here) or Digital View direct (click here).


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Backlight detection

January 27th, 2016 Comments off
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Digital View LCD controller boards provide blacklight detection and reporting. To meet the needs of display applications where monitoring the backlight of a LCD panel is important various Digital View LCD controller models as noted below enable this functionality with panels that have a backlight status signal:

  • SVX-3840 LCD controller for 4K LCD panels
  • SVX-2560 supporting panels with resolution up to 2560×1600
  • SVX-1920v3 / HX-1920v3 for Full-HD with Harsh Environment model
  • ALR-1920

The remote communication is via RS-232 (serial connection) on each of these models as well as Ethernet connection on the SVX models.

One potential application may be digital signage where a backlight failure means a paid advertisement will not be visible. By being able to detect and report on the status companies can take early action to minimize any downtime. For details of compatible panels and the right solution it is best to contact Digital View directly or one of our listed distributors.

backlight detect

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True-4K LCD Controller pre-release

January 17th, 2016 Comments off
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Digital View will shortly announce the release of a True-4K LCD controller for 4096×2160 LCD panel support. Following in the tradition of the SVX family of controllers this will be a full featured model supporting up to 60Hz 4K input resolutions on HDMI and DisplayPort, also including both Ethernet and RS-232 command and control capability.

This new LCD controller model will be complemented by the release of an add-on board providing support for 120Hz LCD panels.

Update with photos…




IE-2000 adaptor for 120Hz

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Isolated Ground

December 5th, 2015 Comments off
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Isolated groundTo meet the needs of installations that require electronics to have isolated ground the following LCD controllers have been designed with this as an option. Enabling the option means that the mounting holes are no longer connected to ground of the controller.

LCD controllers providing the isolated ground option are:

  • SVH-1920v2 and HE-1920v2
  • SVX-1920v3 and HX-1920v2
  • SVX-2560
  • SVX-3840

You can see a summary of all our LCD controllers with a link to specific web pages here. HE models are designed for harsher environments and typically have conformal coating and provide enhance vibration and temperature resistance.

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SVH-1920 replaced after 10 years

November 12th, 2015 Comments off
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In contrast to the consumer market where everyone is used to seeing new models every 6 to 12 months many Digital View customers look to us to keep products in production for as long as possible. The SVH-1920 is a good example, first launched in 2005 it was kept in production for 10 years until we were unfortunately forced to discontinue production due to serious component issues.

However to meet continued demand Digital View has released the SVH-1920v2, it is almost identical to the original SVH-1920 but features an updated scaler as well as new panel connectors so as to meet changes in the LCD panel market over the years.

Here is a picture of the two boards (click on the image to see a larger version):

SVH-1920 & SVH-1920v2

Compared to the original, the SVH-1920v2 provides:

  • 10 bit color support, the original provided 8 bit
  • Updated LVDS connectors
  • eDP panel support
  • 18 PiP options on the v2, there were 3 on the original
  • Ceramic capacitors
  • A different color PCB.

Samples are now shipping, for availability and technical questions please contact your reseller or contact us directly.

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Digital View LCD Controller Product Guide – June 2015

May 24th, 2015 Comments off
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The new Digital View LCD Controller Product Guide has now been posted to the Digital View website and will be available in print at SID’s Display Week in San Jose, California – June 2-4, 2015.

The guide lists all the current and latest products together with a summary of the various accessories and add-on board available to enhance the functionality of a display system.

Grapic of Digital View LCD Controller Product Guide June 2015 - front cover

Click here to get the guide; or visit either of the following pages on the main website:

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Digital View LCD Controller Updates

March 24th, 2015 Comments off
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The following Digital View LCD controllers have been updated and Revision Notes posted to their web pages:

For more information please see the Revision Notes from the respective product pages.

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Controller Utility updated

March 18th, 2015 Comments off
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The Digital View Windows based Controller Utility software has been updated to version 1.02, the principle modification being to add support for the ALR-1920 LCD controller. It is available for download here.

The Controller Utility provides a graphical user interface for many of the RS-232 commands supported by the following Digital View LCD controllers:

  • ALR-1920 (start from V1.12.00 firmware)
  • SVH/HE-1920 (start from V0.48.00 firmware)
  • SVH-1920+ (start from V0.27.00 firmware)
  • SVX/HX-1920 (start from V0.10.00 firmware)
  • SGX-1920/HG-1920 (start from V0.39.00.00 firmware)
  • SGX-1920L (start from V0.50.00.00 firmware)

Furthermore it enables replication of settings from one controller to another.

Not all functions are available for use with all controllers, for example the ALR-1920 does not support the extensive gamma control functions supported by the SVX family of controllers. Also the newer SVX models, SVX-1920v3, SVX-2560 and SVX-3840 are not supported as yet, these will be added in an upcoming release.

All Digital View controllers support a comprehensive and consistent command set though the specific commands supported depend on the functionality of the particular controller. In addition to communication via the RS-232 interface the command set is also supported via Ethernet on some models such as the SVX / SGX & HX models.

Digital View Controller Utility

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SVX-3840 Ultra-HD 4K LCD Controller Webpage Updated

March 10th, 2015 Comments off
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The webpage for the Digital View SVX-3840 LCD controller for 4K Ultra-HD LCD panels has been updated to include the manual and 2D and 3D drawings as downloads. See here for details.

The SVX-3840 is a feature rich controller model supporting 10 bit LCD panels with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The 8 or 16 string V-by-One panel connection supports both 60Hz and 120Hz LCD panels from Sharp, AUO, LG, Samsung and Innolux. For dedicated use with a 60Hz panel the SVX-3840

Inputs for 4K include HDMI and DisplayPort with other inputs such as VGA and DVI for lower resolutions.


Non-consumer 4K applications are continuing to increase as the cost decreases and people recognize the benefits of higher resolution. We have seen digital signage, corporate AV and retail applications all making use of the larger size 4k LCD panels of 65″ and up. As more smaller size Ultra-HD LCD panels become available there will be an increase in medical and broadcast display requirements. Overall as 4K becomes more widely adopted the display requirements will extend into many other market sectors as well.


A common comment has been about the lack of 4K content however this is primarily a consumer market issue. In the commercial market we have met many creators who work exclusively in 4K producing considerable amounts of Ultra-HD resolution video.  Most non-consumer applications can source or create suitable 4k content to meet their needs.

 SVX-3840 LCD controller from Digital ViewPanel Support

We have already verified connection with quite a few LCD panel models from different manufacturers, if you have a particular requirement please contact us via our contact page.

Update 13 Mar 2015: Here are the 4K LCD panels already tested:

  • AUO 55”, 3840×2160 (60Hz), model P550QVN01v0
  • AUO 65”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model P650QVN01.0
  • AUO 75”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model P750QVN01v0
  • Innolux 28”, 3840×2160 (60Hz), model M280DGJ-L30
  • LG 55”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model LC550EQD-FGF2
  • LG 84”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model LD840EQD-SEM1 (LG 98″ also supported)
  • Sharp 70”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model LQ695R3xxxx
  • Samsung 75”, 3840×2160 (120Hz) model LTA750FJ01

Update 17 Mar 2015: Modifications to the Specifications page to clarify panel and input signal support. See here.

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HD-BaseT LCD Controller: DD-1920-HDBT

February 24th, 2015 Comments off
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In Q2 of 2015 Digital View will be releasing an LCD controller supporting HD-BaseT called the DD-1920-HDBT. Details are preliminary at this stage but the advance specification is:

  • Input type: 1x RJ45 (HDBaseT interface) supporting Cat5e or Cat6 up to 70 meters (230 feet)
  • Panel Interface: LVDS (dual channel)
  • 8-bit panel output
  • On board RS-232 control interface
  • IR remote & OSD control
  • Backlight control: DPMS, analog or PWM, serial port
  • Audio line out (stereo)
  • Power input: 12VDC
  • Optional On board LED backlight driver
  • Board size: 107.44mm x 91.44mm (same size as the ALR-1920)

This will be HD-BaseT standards compliant and compatible with other compliant equipment however we will also be releasing an HDMI to HD-BaseT converter and transmitter board to provide a complete end-to-end solution. The cabling requirement is Cat5e or Cat6.

Although HD-BaseT is not an IEEE recognized standard it is becoming increasingly popular for installations requiring an extended video source cable and is supported by many AV extender and device manufacturers for the commercial market. We see it as being suitable for many installations such as digital signage where the video source may be centrally located to feed multiple displays around a retail store or sports bar.

As a note, the standard provides for  video, audio, Ethernet, control and power with HD-BaseT2.0 supporting 4K – the DD-1920-HDBT will concentrate support on video up to Full-HD as well as stereo audio with a view to additional functionality being implemented on more advanced controller models in future. Digital View can also implement HD-BaseT on a custom engineered basis for OEM customers.

Digital View DD-1920-HDBT

If you would like to know more about Digital View support of HD-BaseT please send an enquiry to our sales and support team here.

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SVX-1920v3 new firmware release

February 23rd, 2015 Comments off
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The SVX-1920v3 LCD controller, designed for input signals and LCD panels up to Full-HD and 1920×1200 resolution, was recently updated with firmware v1.12.00.00 enabling many new functions for this model. These include:

  • Support for SDI input adaptors, HD-1000/2000/3000
  • Picture-in-Picture support
  • Ethernet support for remote function control and reporting
  • Backlight PWM support
  • Remote RS-232 command (and over Ethernet) for soft power on/off

Together with this update we have amended the website downloads as follows:

  • Manual, now version 2.0
  • 2D drawing, this reflects a minor component change to improve stability of the 2.5V power line, it does not affect the mechanical or connectivity features.

The brochure also requires amendment and this will be released shortly.

More SVX-1920v3 Features Coming Soon…

Functions scheduled for future firmware release include the following:

  • Text overlay, this enables many creative applications,
  • AVD-1000 for composite, SD Component and S-Video input support,
  • Image flip (H&V invert),
  • DisplayMark support for display monitoring, ideal for digital signage,
  • DDC-Ci and CEC
  • And more…

SVX-1920v3 LCD controller - Digital View


Details of the SVX-1920v3 together with relevant downloads are available on the main Digital View website here with a full summary of all controllers here.

Complementary to the SVX-1920v3 is the HX-1920v3 which is enhanced to support operation in harsher environments. The HX-1920v3 provides the same functionality as the SVX version.

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High Bright LCD Panel – 7″

February 19th, 2015 Comments off
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We are seeing an increase in high bright panel activity recently, these range from 7″ like the one pictured below which is available in 1,800nit and 2,500nit versions to 55″ and larger. LCD panels of this brightness are generally suitable for outdoor use but heat can still be an issue requiring panels with extended temperature range and an appropriate cooling method.

Digital View - high bright lcd panel - 7 inch

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Controller Solution Generator (CSG) – Updates

February 16th, 2015 Comments off
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The Digital View Controller Solution Generator (see here) provides Connection Diagrams for LCD panels and controllers showing how to connect up a working display system, details include jumper and dip switch settings as well as cable references. The following is a list of updates since 28 November 2014:

  • AGL VM32B2 V3 with ALR-1920
  • AGL VM55B1IT01 with ALR-1920
  • AUO M170ETN01.1 with SVH-1920
  • AUO G185XW01_v1 with ALR-1400
  • AUO M190ETN01.0 with ALR-1400
  • AUO T215HVN01 with SVX-2560
  • AUO T315HW07 V9 with SVX-1920 V3 & IE-1010
  • AUO T420HVN01.1 with SVX-1920v3
  • AUO P550HVN03.0 with SVX-2560
  • AUO P650HVN02.5 with SVX-1920
  • AUO P650HVN02.5 with SVX-1920v3
  • Innolux G156BGE-L01 with ALR-1400.
  • KOE TX31D37VM0CPA with ALR-1920
  • KOE TX31D37VM0CPA with ALR-1400
  • Hitachi TX170D01VM2CAB with ALR-1400
  • Innolux M215HJJ-L30 with ALR-1920.
  • Innolux M236HJK-L3B with ALR-1920-SDI
  • Innolux M236HJK-L5B with ALR-1920-SDI
  • LG LB070WV8-SL01 with ALR-1400
  • LG LM201U05-SLL1 with ALR-1920.
  • LG LM240WU8-SLA2 with SVX-1920v3
  • LG LD420EUN-UHB1 with ALR-1920
  • LG LD490EUN-UHA1 with ALR-1920
  • LG LD550EUN-UHB1 with ALR-1920
  • LG LD550EUN-UHB1 with ALR-1920
  • NLT NLB150XG01L-01 with ALR-1920
  • NLT NL160120AC27-32 with SVX-1920v3
  • NLT NL12876AC18-03 with ALR-1920
  • NLT NL12876AC18-03 with DD-1920-HDMI
  • Panasonic VVX21F136JJ00 (21.3” panel) with SVH-1920
  • Samsung LTA460HQ08 with SVH-1920+
  • Samsung LTI550HN08 with SVX-1920 V.3
  • Samsung LTM230HT10 with SVX-2560
  • Sharp LQ070Y3LG05 with ALR-1400
  • Sharp LQ104S1LG81 with ALR-1400
  • Sharp LQ121LG88 with ALR-1400
  • Sharp LQ121S1DG81 with ALR-1400

If you have a LCD panel and would like to connect it to a Digital View LCD controller but it is not on the CSG please let us know.

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LCD Controller Revision Notes – Updates

February 16th, 2015 Comments off
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The following LCD Controller Revision Notes have been posted on the website, they are available for download from the main product pages:

  • SVX-1920v3: 30 Jan 2015 re firmware update to add functions, see here.
  • SVH-1920: First posting to website, see here.
  • DD-1920-HDMI: First posting to website, see here.
  • AVP-1600: First posting to website, see here.
  • HX-1920: 13 Feb 2015 re tantalum capacitor change for improved reliability, see here.
  • HG-1920: 12 Feb 2015 re tantalum capacitor change for improved reliability, see here.
  • HE-1600: 16 Feb 2015 re tantalum capacitor change for improved reliability, see here.
  • HE-1400:  2 Feb 2015 re tantalum capacitor change for improved reliability, see here.

If you have questions about changes please contact a local Digital View office or authorized distributor for details.

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Digital View LCD Controller Families 2015

January 6th, 2015 Comments off
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Here is a quick look at the Digital View LCD controller product families for 2015…

  • All models feature built-in multi-panel support (dip switch selectable), consistent RS-232 & Ethernet commands, consistent panel signal and other internal cable connectors* (see note).
  • SVX for LCD panels with resolutions up to 3840×2160 (4K Ultra-HD), these are feature rich, fully memory buffered controllers enabling a function such as video-lock ‘off’ (explained here), Ethernet & serial RS-232 control, Picture-in-Picture. Ideal for sophisticated display systems and high quality video displays.
  • ALR are cost effective models supporting panel resolutions up to 1920×1080 featuring low latency and RS-232 serial control. Ideal for general commercial monitor applications.
  • DD these compact LCD controllers are single input connection type such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort with more versions coming soon. These are designed for higher volume applications, these models have a MOQ.
  • HE models are designed for harsher environments, they are based on SVX and ALR models but enhanced for higher temperature tolerance and with conformal coatings.

For a complete summary of current models please click here.

Digital View lcd controller families 2015

* Note: With the introduction of the ALR-1920 family, DD-xxxx models and new SVX models we have transitioned to a new generation of LVDS connector and OSD cable connector. An exception (proves the rule – right?) is with the RS-232 and IR connectors where we use two types depending on model. 

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