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Creating Video With Animoto

September 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
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We mentioned the Animoto web-based video creation system in a blog back in a 16 June 2010 but I thought it worth a further mention in order to draw attention to a few of their application examples, namely for Hotels, Real-Estate, Pro-Photography and a Winery. These are shown on their showcase page here. These are all good digital signage applications.

Three of the examples show a mix of still photography, video and audio. For some digital signage users photographs may be as far as they can go without professional assistance which is fine – the winery example is all made from photos. Audio is part of the Animoto offering but very many digital signage deployments do not involve audio in any case.

Animoto is the only example I am aware of an online video creation service and for anyone struggling with video editors it may be worth a try.

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