Latency – Time to Display

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I did an initial post on the topic of latency back in June, shown below is a more complete list of latency measurements for various Digital View LCD controllers. For many applications the latency caused by buffering and image processing in the controller is not an issue, however with the increase in interactive display systems in digital signage and corporate AV it is getting more attention. We recently ran tests using a third party input signal to image latency tester designed to provide a consistent methodology and basis for comparison.

LCD Controller model Latency (ms)
SVX-4096 (60Hz LCD panel) 15ms
SVX-4096 (120Hz LCD panel) 23ms
SVX-2560 35ms
SVX-1920v3 44ms
ALR-1920 / DD-1920 11ms
ALR-1400 / HE-1400 13ms

The timing is measured on a consistent basis using an input signal timed to the middle rows of the display.

For more information contact us here…

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Custom Splash Screens

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Certain Digital View LCD controllers support a custom logo or graphic that is shown when the monitor is powered on. The following is a summary of the specifications for the graphic that can be added:

Controller Size (Pixels) Colors Format
SVX-4096 384×288 2 Bitmap
SVX-2560 640×200 256 Bitmap
SVX/HX-1920v3 640×200 256 Bitmap
SVH/HE-1920v2 640×200 256 Bitmap
ALR-1920 336×192 16 Bitmap
ALR-1920-120 336×192 16 Bitmap
SP/HE-1600 640×480 256 Bitmap
ALR/HE-1400 336×192 16 Bitmap

For more details on this service please contact Digital View or one of our distribution partners.


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SVX-2560 gets new EDID & PiP Features

September 27th, 2016 No comments
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Two new features added to the Digital View SVX-2560 LCD controller:

  1. Support Dual Digital PIP function which allows users to set PIP function for HDMI on DVI or DVI to HDMI.
  2. Support User EDID upgrade via RS-232 command, this enables users to upload their own EDID content direct to the controller via RS-232 command.

The relevant firmware version is: E1.26.00.00.

With upcoming firmware modifications we will be adding the EDID modification capability to the SVX-1920v3 and SVH-1920v2 LCD controllers as well.

svx-2560 lcd controller

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New Digital View LinkedIn Account

July 24th, 2016 No comments
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Digital View has a new address on LinkedIn:

So if you like to use LinkedIn and interested to get Digital View updates please visit that page and follow us. We aim to post blogs weekly and use LinkedIn for briefer updates.

As a note DV blogs are linked to Twitter, so updates get posted there automatically.


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LCD Controller Updates

July 18th, 2016 No comments
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Over the past 5 months there have been quite a number of LCD controller updates released to production and details posted to the website. Here is a summery of some of the most recent updates:

  • SVX-4096 is receiving quite a major firmware update with v1.04.00.00 now released to production, this includes addition of the following functions. The updated manual and Revision Note will be posted to the website soon:
    • Auto source seek,
    • VGA port support,
    • Hot keys support,
    • Backlight control: D/A, PWM, Invert on OSD menu
    • Support for more RS-232 commands
    • Calibrated all GAMMA values
    • Show version name on OSD menu
    • Added 3840×2160@30HZ EDID in DP
    • More panel timing support (new definition on DIP SW4)
    • Configurable V-by-One’s option pins by hardware jumper (JC1 and JC2)
    • Add 3200K colour temp on OSD
    • Support for the runtime counter
  • ALR-1400: Manual updated to v2.01 and posted to the website.
  • HE-1400: Manual and Revision Note posted to the website.
  • DD-1920/DD-1920-HDMI/HDD-1920: Firmware v1.14.00 has been released to production.
  • DD-1920-Dual-DVI: Firmware v1.06.00 has been released to production
  • DD-1920-VGA: Firmware v1.02.00 has been released to production, it improves the accuracy of the backlight level control.
  • DD-1920-DP: Firmware v1.01.00 has been released to production, it improves the accuracy of the backlight level control.
  • SP-1600/HE-1600: Firmware  V1.30.00 was released to production, it modifies and improves memory write functions.


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LCD Controller Commands Page – Preview

July 11th, 2016 No comments
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We have created a new webpage related to the very extensive LCD controller command set available for Digital View controllers, you can see a preview of the webpage here:

There are many reasons users of finished monitors and displays might use commands, for example…

  • Room controllers: To work with room controllers such as from Crestron, Extron, AMX and others. These can be readily programmed to control Digital View LCD controller enabled displays, typically this will be for on/off and brightness but may extend to other functions in more complex installations.
  • Hotkey functions, for example some users have display systems with multiple video sources and want to switch between them easily, integrators make small button boards that send a command string to trigger switching inputs. Other companies want to invoke certain settings, sometimes multiple settings such as changing the color and brightness setting with a single button push.
  • Computer application control: Customers can develop their own applications or integrate control into applications for management of display functions. One interesting example is to provide on-screen display controls to be used with touch screen monitors. A readily accessible example of how to do this is with the Digital View Controller Utility, a free Windows compatible application giving access to the commands supported by a particular LCD controller model.
  • Media player control & data: Especially in digital signage applications being able to control and monitor the display is becoming increasing important. The Digital View provides both as some commands make changes while others are for polling the system and retrieving data.


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Latency – Controller Test Results

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The topic of signal latency from input to image has arisen in various LCD controller and display projects over the years, for many applications the latency caused by buffering and image processing in the controller is not an issue, however with the increase in interactive applications in digital signage and corporate AV it is getting new attention. We recently ran tests using a third party input signal to image latency tester designed to provide a consistent methodology and basis for comparison.

Here are some of the fastest results we achieved with our controllers:

  • Driving a 3840×2160 panel: 15ms
  • Driving a 1920x-1080 panel: 11ms

These are very fast times and to put this is some context we found that some controllers gave results as much as six times slower, ie over 100ms. As mentioned depending on the application it may be that image processing and functions are more important than low latency but if latency is an issue it is worth discussing the controller options with us.

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LCD Controllers & Decision Support

May 30th, 2016 No comments
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I was reading John Maeda’s book, Simplicity, recently and it made me think about our range of LCD controllers and decision support for users. We have quite a few models so which to choose? There appear to be two main issues, understanding what is available and being able to make an informed choice.

To make selection somewhat easier we could reduce our product range, it would certainly be welcomed by our logistics and supply chain team, but it would limit our ability to meet the needs of niche customers.

So the alternative is how to make the product range easier to understand. One very simple approach is grouping. To some extent we did this when we created the SVX, ALR, DD and HE families. That is three general families plus the HE family stands alone as designed for harsher environments.

These can be briefly explained as:

  • SVX: The top of the range models. Fully buffered, multiple inputs, available up to True 4K input, full command set, Ethernet port for commands.
  • ALR: Line buffered, multiple inputs, available up to Full-HD 1920×1200 panel support, reduced command set.
  • DD: Single input but with many models & inputs to choose, otherwise similar to the ALR range.
  • HE: Made up of a selection of models from the SVX, ALR and DD models that have been modified to suit harsher environments.

But does this grouping make choosing a model easier?

Alternatively is possible to go through a selection of ‘must haves’, for example panel resolution. However most panels are now 1920×1080 and most of our controllers support that so it probably doesn’t do a lot to whittle down the controller choices.

Another is signal inputs, however many of our controllers support multiple inputs and even though only one signal type may be required giving up the flexibility of other inputs is a tough choice as once made is hard to go back on.

Of course price may be an issue and it is generally a matter of deciding over features which is why it is important to review the ‘must have’ functionality.

My recommendation is to use a process of elimination to begin with, strike out the models that absolutely do not meet requirements, for example:

  • Start with panel resolution, it is not a big step but it helps.
  • Then input signals, decide on ‘must have’ input signals and focus on those models.
  • Determine your environment in particular from a temperature and vibration point of view.
  • At this stage you may still be left with a few models so it is probably worth a more in depth consideration of the features of the remaining models and a discussion with us or our resellers.
Controller range thumbnail May 2016
You can see a full list of Digital View LCD controllers here:
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LCD Controller Package Label Change

May 26th, 2016 Comments off
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With deliveries starting late June 2016 we will be migrating to a new label on LCD controller anti-static packaging. So as to ensure better anti-static handling the controller settings label with be affixed to the outside of the anti-static bag.

New controller bag labeling

REACH Compliance – An EU Regulation

May 22nd, 2016 Comments off
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Reach symbolDigital View REACH SVHC (138) compliance – most Digital View controllers are or can be supplied to meet this European Union (EU) standard and are readily identified with a -5 suffix on the part number.

The previous -3 suffix on Digital View LCD controllers and other PCBA part numbers indicated RoHS compliance, now the -5 suffix means both RoHS and REACH compliance. Models currently available with this are: ALR-1400 & HE-1400, ALR-1920, DD-1920, HE-1600, SVH-1920v2 & HE-1920v2, SVX-1920v3 & HX-1920v3, SVX-2560 with more being added.

If you have a special requirement for one of our LCD controllers to be REACH compliant please contact us.

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Controller Solution Generator Updates: Jan-Apr 2016

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The Digital View Controller Solution Generator (CSG) is constantly updated with new LCD panels and connection diagrams. In the period January to April this year over 80 Connection Diagrams were added providing details for connection between specific LCD controllers and panels that now include large OLED panels.

Here is a list of the Connection Diagrams added, for a complete lookup please visit the CSG here

CSG page

Note: If you are looking for connection details between a panel and controller but it is not yet listed please contact us.

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Digital View Product Guide 2016

May 9th, 2016 Comments off
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Digital View 2016 Product GuideThe Digital View Product Guide 2016 is now available for online viewing and download here, also we will have a print version at the SID Display Week exhibition being held in San Francisco, May 24-26, 2016.

There are a number of new products we will be showcasing this year, these include:

  • SVX-4096, a True-4K controller support panels up to 4096 @60Hz and 120Hz with the IE-2000 add-on board, for HDMI and Displayport inputs up to 4096×2160 @60Hz.
  • IE-2000, a 120Hz panel interface for the SVX-4096.
  • SVX-1920v3
  • SVH-1920v2
  • DD-1920-HDMI-T
  • HDD-1920

For availability and technical questions please click here to contact us

4mm LCD Controller Preview

April 15th, 2016 Comments off
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With a maximum thickness of only 4mm the DD-1920-HDMI-T is designed for commercial LCD display applications where space is at a premium or design preference dictate ‘thin’.

This LCD controller is based on the well established DD-1920-HDMI model but modified to reduce its thickness. As a result the input is a Micro-HDMI connector and other connectors are low profile but the functionality remains. Suitable applications might include automotive displays or public displays looking to maintain a very low profile.

Click the link here for a preliminary brochure: brochure dd-1920-hdmi-t preliminary

Brief Specifications:

  • Panel resolution supported: up to 1920×1200, LVDS conenction
  • Input: Micro-HDMI connector for up to 1080p, 1920×1200@60Hz
  • Size: 91.4mm x 91.4mm x 4mm
  • Very low latency, input to output lag
  • RS-232 for command & control

lcd controller dd-1920-hdmi-t

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Transparent OLED Controller Solutions

March 8th, 2016 Comments off
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Attracting many references to movies and science fiction, transparent OLED displays are here and being used in retail and trade shows. They are certainly eye catching as the contrast and transparency exceeds anything that has been available previously. Looking at the image on the right below you can see the transparency is in the dark parts of the image.

So far both the ALR-1920 and SVX-1920v3 controllers from Digital View have been setup to drive the 55″ model (ASI545FB01-0) and have been deployed in displays used at CES 2016, Infocomm Connections as well at the Superbowl in San Jose.

We also recently set one up with a touch screen which started the movie references all over again.

Transparent OLED - ALR-1920Transparent OLED - front








Details have been posted to the Digital View Controller Solution Generator (CSG), alternatively please contact us directly for details.

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SVX-2560 Update – Network Functionality

March 5th, 2016 Comments off
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The Digital View SVX-2560 LCD controller update released this week is primarily focused on enhancing the network functionality. Specifically the various modifications include:

  • Full Ethernet command & control functions with both browser mode & command mode together with additional monitoring features:
    • Temperature sensors support, e.g. on-board sensor x1 and external sensor x1.
    • Light sensor, e.g. On/Off and value.
    • Fan On/Off control & speed monitoring.
    • Voltage detection 2x for any other sensors that generating voltage signal.
    • Alert message (through email) for sensor status.
  • Support Composite video/S-Video (through AVD-1000) on J6 connector that without using the any other input ports (e.g. HDMI or DVI).
  • Supports CEC commands with firmware version, E1.19.CEC.00.

The Ethernet connectivity is in addition to the RS-232 serial command & control connectivity and meets the needs of both local control requirements and compatibility with room control devices such as from Crestron, AMX and others as well as remote and server or cloud based IOT projects though additional engineering may be required for compatibility with proprietary systems.

The SVX-2560 product page on the Digital View website is SVX-2560 website product page.

svx-2560 lcd controller